About Us

Family ran and owned since 1972, our business has been passed down for three generations. Starting the business was John W. Foreman III, who then handing it down to John W. Foreman IV in early 80's.  During this time we had several different locations and tried several different ways to earn a dollar. We sold appliances and repaired appliances,  we sold televisions and stereo equipment, we repaired vacuums and small lamps, we were even giving classes on how to use your appliances. 

In 1997 we stopped selling appliances and focused our business on parts, repairs and installations of major appliances.  The business was just passed down to John W. Foreman V in March of 2005 and is operated the same to this day.  We offer loyal family service to all our customers and hope all of our customers are happy with the services provided.

Thank you -- the Foreman family

Foreman's Appliance Service, Inc.
1979 Kingstown Road (rear)
Wakefield, RI 02879

Tel: 401-783-8480