Payment Terms:

Cash, and MasterCard and Visa cards accepted. Personal checks must have license number either printed or written on check.  Return check fee $30.00 payable in cash.  If billing is required we do charge a $10.00 billing fee for every 20 days the balance is outstanding we only allow billing in certain circumstances. 

Service Requirements & Conditions:


The customer must allow for safe access to the
site. All sidewalks must be clear of any debris, snow ice, furniture or other
hazards. In the event that the service cannot be completed due to
inaccessibility, a $50.00 return fee will be assessed. Return fee must be paid
for in full before 2nd service is attempted.

Service Calls: 

Should a customer not be home to accept a scheduled service call, a $50.00 return fee will be accessed. Return fee must be paid in full before 2nd call is attempted. We do call to meet but if you do not answer the phone for this request we move on and a $50.00 fee is assessed per your request of this type of service.  Please be home!


We have no cancellation fee unless we have arrived at
your door already.  We only ask for people to call in and cancel before we get
to your door.  If you do end up canceling at the door, we do charge $50.00
non-cancellation fee.  We do have a 25% restocking fee on all cancelled parts
that have arrived for your service request. 

Return policy: 

There are no returns on electrical parts or special order parts.  All parts have a 90 day warranty with proof of purchase. 


All labor is guaranteed for 30 days so long as it is the same problem.  If additional problems occur after we have already fixed the unit and it has nothing to do with first problem charges will occur.  All parts have a 90 day warranty with proof of purchase.